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Need Help Completing The Declaration To Stop Eviction?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) published an Order that could stop evictions for those who have unpaid rent.  The Order will last until the end 2020. Tenants must continue to pay rent. The rent is not forgiven. Tenants still may have to pay late fees for not paying your rent on time.  The Order does give relief to tenants who are unable to pay rent due to a financial hardship and who are making efforts to pay what they can.  

Every adult living in the rental unit must sign a Declaration that contains the following information AND give it to the landlord with proof of delivery to the landlord to be protected by the Order:

  1. Have used their best efforts to get all available government rental help;
  2. Have a specific income;
  3. Are unable to pay full rent;
  4. Using their best efforts to make timely payments;
  5. Have no other housing options if evicted;
  6. Understand full rent must be paid and other terms of the lease followed;
  7. Understand can be charged fees, penalties, or interest for not paying rent on time;
  8. Understand that the moratorium will end on December 31, 2020.

The CDC Order provides steep penalties if the landlord violates the Order or if a tenant gives false information.

The Order does NOT stop all evictions.  The following evictions are still allowed:

  1.  Engaging in criminal activity while on the premises;
  2. Threatening the health or safety of other residents;
  3. Damaging or posing an immediate and significant risk of damage to property;
  4. Violating any applicable building code, health ordinance, or similar regulation relating to health and safety; or
  5. Violating any other contractual obligation.

SCLS can help with the following by calling our toll-free number at 888-346-5592 or applying online at https://sclegal.org/

  • Explaining the qualifications;
  • Filling out the Declaration;
  • Locating agencies who may assist with rental payment;
  • Representing if served with an eviction action.

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