Private Attorney Involvement Agreement


SCLS offers a variety of opportunities to participate in the Private Attorney Involvement Program. Please indicate the counties and type of assistance you are willing to provide through the Program in the following sections.
Geographic Areas of Practice
Place an "x" next to the counties in which you are willing to assist.
Case Referral Place an "x" next to the counties in which you are willing to assist.
Income Maintenance
Individual Rights
SCLS also needs assistance from PAI attorneys willing to act as a guardian ad litem or mediator in cases. If you would consider acting in that capacity in a case, please place an "x" in the appropriate box.
SCLS currently offers or is considering offering five types of clinics. If you would consider assisting with a clinic as a PAI attorney, please place an "x" beside the applicable clinic(s).
Legal Education
PAI attorneys play a vital role in educating our communities. Community organizations around the state frequently reach out to SCLS for speakers on various legal topics. PAI attorneys partner with SCLS to provide this service. If you would consider helping meet this need through the PAI Program, please indicate what legal issues you would be willing to give a presentation on.