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Operation of Trial Courts

The South Carolina Supreme Court updated its Order regarding Operation of Trial Courts during the Coronavirus Emergency on November 23, 2021. The specific Order may be found at Supreme Court Order November 2021.

A few pertinent points about the Court’s Order are as follows:

  • Non-jury trial and motions may be conducted using remote technology.
  • In person trials and hearings may be conducted if a judge determines it is appropriate and it can be safely conducted.
    • trials will be staggered to decrease the number of people;
    • generally, only the attorneys, parties and witness may attend;
    • remote testimony may be allowed;
    • masks must be worn;
    • remote administration of oaths is allowed.
  • Courthouses should remain open to accept filings and payments
    • drop boxes are allowed and the public will have specific instructions and notification;
    • all persons will be screened for fever and must wear a mask.
  • Family Court
    • uncontested divorces may be granted without holding a hearing;
    • approval of settlement agreements and consent orders may be done without a hearing;
    • contested hearings in Family Court will be conducted remotely or in person as ordered by the Judge.
  • Bench warrants for non-payment of child support and alimony may be executed by law enforcement. The of suspension of those warrants has expired.

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