May 2020 Newsletter


South Carolina Legal Services (SCLS) is a non-profit law firm. We provide free legal services in a wide variety of civil (non-criminal) legal matters to eligible low income residents of South Carolina. Our mission is to provide legal services to protect the rights and represent the interests of low income South Carolinians.

There has been numerous questions regarding 2019 federal income tax filing deadlines, the economic impact payment and scams relating to the IRS. Who’s receiving a payment? What do you need to do? What to look out for and avoid? Here’s what you need to know. Read More

As states are reopening across the country, employees everywhere are concerned about returning to work under questionable safety conditions. Additionally, employees could lose unemployment insurance benefits if they refuse to return to work when their job is reinstated. Read More

If you’ve lost your income as a result of COVID-19 and are struggling to make your housing payments, help may be available. If you own, you may be eligible for a forbearance. If you rent, you also have certain protections under federal law. Additionally, you may be eligible for rent help. Read More

Right now scams like this “Be your own boss opportunity” are among the most successful ones for shameless and clever scammers. People who are struggling financially are most susceptible to pitches that have to do with jobs and business opportunities. Here are some tips to avoid them. Read More


Since 1999, May has been designated National Military Appreciation Month to encourage us to honor past and present military members and their families. This is the perfect time to highlight specific laws meant to protect servicemembers from legal troubles or disadvantages while they are in military service. Specifically, the federal Servicemembers Civil Relief Act, the South Carolina Servicemembers Civil Relief Act, and the South Carolina Military Parent Equal Protection Act.

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The South Carolina Legal Services (SCLS) Orangeburg Office has found an effective and innovative way to continue to conduct outreach throughout most of its service area. Staff are collaborating with an organization called Growing COB (Calhoun, Orangeburg, Bamberg), whose mission is to improve health by ensuring access to sustainable gardens, fresh produce and nutritional and gardening education in the three named counties and surrounding areas.

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