June 2017 Newsletter

NEWSLETTER / June 2017

South Carolina Legal Services (SCLS) is a non-profit law firm. We provide free legal services in a wide variety of civil (non-criminal) legal matters to eligible low income residents of South Carolina. Our mission is to provide legal services to protect the rights and represent the interests of low income South Carolinians.

Homeless No More

Mr. Calvin Davis is a disabled veteran who was living in a homeless shelter when he first came to South Carolina Legal Services (SCLS). Mr. Davis is a tall, slender African American male. He walks with a cane. He speaks calmly no matter how stressful the situation is, and has the manners of a true southern gentleman.

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Reaching The Migrant Farmworkers

Each year thousands of agricultural farmworkers from other Southeastern states and countries like Mexico and Honduras, migrate to South Carolina to perform agricultural labor. What challenges do they face, and how does South Carolina Legal Services’ Migrant Unit reach out to help them?

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National Elder Law Month

May is recognized nationally as Older Americans Month. In 1963, President Kennedy issued a formal proclamation declaring May to be “Senior Citizens Month” to honor those who are 65 and older and asking that our nation pay tribute in some way to older persons in their communities. See how South Carolina Legal Services’ Elder Law Unit is tackling the issues facing many of our senior citizens.

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Ellen Hines Smith Legal Services Lawyer of the Year 2017

Our very own Adam Protheroe has been named the 2017 Ellen Hines Smith Legal Services Lawyer of the Year. The award is presented to a lawyer who has demonstrated commitment to the development and delivery of quality legal services to the poor in South Carolina through the legal services program. Adam is the unithead of the housing unit and a resident expert on all things housing law-related. Congrats, Adam!

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