Name Changes For The Transgender Community

June is Pride Month for the LGBT+ community and every year there are parades and festivals around the world to celebrate it. Here at SCLS, we do our part to support the LGBT+ community. One way we show our support is doing name changes for those in the transgender community. Having the proper name on identifying documents can be affirming, can be validating, can help a trans person feel more like themselves. It can also cut down on confusion and harassment when placed in a situation where a trans person must show their ID.

However, changing your name can be a daunting prospect when your gender presentation no longer matches the name on your birth certificate. Between the various background checks, affidavits, and forms, the steps can be confusing. Going to court can be frightening. How is a judge going to react when you show up in their courtroom and you no longer look anything like your former name? That’s why it’s so important for trans people to have good legal representation when changing their names.

At SCLS, we provide that representation and walk our clients through the process of changing their names, from the initial paperwork to drafting pleadings to representing them in court. At the end of the day, members of the transgender community have the ability have their real name listed on their identifying documents including their driver’s license, social security card, and passport. And they have the peace of mind in knowing that anyone who looks at their ID will address them properly. Having the proper name on a trans person’s identifying documents grants them dignity and respect, and we help them achieve that.

If you need help with your name change, you can apply to see if you qualify for our free legal service. Apply by calling our statewide intake office at 1-888-346-5593, Monday through Thursday. You can also apply online at