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Achieve the Dream: Removing Obstacles to Success Through the Expungement Process

I have made mistakes in the past. A lot. Despite my mistakes, I have been able to find a path to success. Despite my mistakes, I was able to get help along the way. However, there are many in our society who are denied help because of their past mistakes. Some are denied access to employment because of a lapse in judgment from years ago. Some are denied access to the most basic means of overcoming the hardships in life because of a wrong that they did as a minor.

The expungement process can remove certain criminal records from a person’s background. It is an effective way to erase the past mistakes. Certain crimes that are not eligible for expungement, may be eligible for a pardon. The pardon does not erase the criminal record, rather, it acknowledges that a person has been forgiven for those blunders.

Without the criminal record as an impediment, housing, employment, and other necessities are more readily accessible. Without the past criminal records getting in the way, all are free to work for and achieve their dream… just like I did.

On September 17th, SCLS hosted our annual Constitution Day Legal Forum. This year, the focus was on removing barriers to employment. Our legal team discussed options available to those wishing to get their life back on track. You can watch the video here.

If you would like to attend an expungement clinic, contact your local SCLS office for information about one coming up in your area.

SCLS regularly partners with other organizations to conduct expungement clinics. For example, last month, the Greenwood office of SCLS partnered with Meg’s House to present an expungement clinic. Meg’s House is a domestic violence shelter whose mission is to provide housing and supportive services that reduce the impact of domestic violence and chronic homelessness in the communities we serve. We would be happy to help your organization conduct a similar clinic. If your organization would like to partner with us to hold an expungement clinic, contact Tiffney Love at

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